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The packaging industry provides products, machines, and materials for companies that operate in literally any market you can imagine. We’ve explored niche markets in packaging in previous blogs – from pet food to wine to home office. In this article we are bringing you more products that rely on great packaging and operate in niche markets.

Personal Care Brands

While the personal care market in general is extremely large – and not necessarily considered “niche” – there are a few segments within the personal care industry that are up-and-coming. For instance, beard oil and other men’s products are becoming more popular. The old idea of 3-in-1 soap for men is starting to fade, especially for younger demographics. The packaging strategy has to evolve from a 1 bottle approach to a more encompassing packaging strategy that includes more products.

Another theme is subscription and delivery/ecommerce model for personal care. Instead of buying the classic brands at the grocery store, consumers have found boutique offerings for personal care brands. The subscription model for these products is also a ripe opportunity for packaging companies.

Remote Workers

As the dust has settled for companies with remote workers, many companies and individuals have decided to make remote work a permanent solution. This has opened up a demand for different types of products – ie. more packaging. For instance, large scale printers are not needed in a work from home setting. However, smaller equipment (such as smaller printers, monitors, etc.) are more convenient for remote workers. The idea of shifting workers out of the office and into a home work environment opens up the need to shift from products, processes, and technologies that are ideal for a group/office setting, to that which is ideal for remote settings.

Refillable Products

Eco-friendly solutions have gone from just the materials that are used to the whole system and lifecycle of the product. Refillable products with reusable containers have become popular for consumables like cleaning solutions, shampoos and more. There is also a trend in reducing the size of the package by shipping “without the water.” The concept of adding water to the solution after you purchase has a substantial savings for transportation costs and the impact that has on the environment. All of the refillable and reusable markets are geared toward consumers who are earth conscious.

Convenience Packaging

Before Covid there was already a trend of people that were looking for convenient packaging options. For instance, single use packaging that is designed to be packed in a lunch box. Post-Covid concerns for convenience packaging can also involve what makes consumers feel safe. Pre packed items at the grocery store, for example, are convenient for packing and storing, and also keep foods safe on the shelf from potential cross-contamination. Beyond these concerns, there’s other ways that companies can focus on making packaging more convenient. For example, consumable products such as shampoos that come with solid color bottles make it hard for consumers to know exactly how much is left in the bottle; by simply having a slightly translucent bottle the consumer experience is improved.

New Homeowners

Another niche category of consumers is homeowners. This group of people has specific things that they buy for their homes such as moving materials, security cameras, furniture, tools, and everything else you can imagine a home will need. All of these items need packaging, and every day companies are looking for insights about the demographic to provide the right products with the right packaging.

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