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Apps in the Workplace

Phone and tablet applications have come a long way. The first generation of mobile applications to come on the market were primarily games and essential tools, like calculators and calendars. The innovation that has taken place since is remarkable. With artificial intelligence and augmented reality the limitations are nonexistent when it comes to the realm of possibilities in applications. Mobile applications have also become a staple in the workplace. Previously it was unheard of to have your cell phone or personal device in the workplace; now people rely on their devices for everything from efficiency to execution. Here’s a few apps that are helpful for people who work in a packaging role.

Pack Help AR Mobile App

This application lets the user scan an item to see what size or shape of a box they will need. You can also use your own designs on the box. This is helpful for creating visual mock ups with brand identity. It’s also a cost effective, time efficient, and realistic way to compare options without having to produce real-life models.

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Recycle Coach

Recycling is critical for packaging. The Recycle Coach app lets you set collection reminders so you know exactly when to set out your recyclable products. It also has an index of disposal information that is location based so you know exactly what you can recycle and how to recycle it. You can also find out rules for your specific area, such as volume restrictions and other material restrictions.

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ScanLife Barcode Reader

Labels are a popular trend in packaging. The ScanLife app lets you scan any barcode or QR code on a label to get information about that product. This is helpful for learning more about the products around you and where they come from. It can also be helpful incase there is a recall or other information that you need to know about a product. One of the most popular features lets users find out where to buy a particular product. For participating retailers, this is also a great way to engage with customers and enhance the shopping experience.

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Go Canvas: Energy Audit

Go Canvas offers a range of mobile applications to make things more efficient in manufacturing and industrial workplaces. One of the most used tools is their Efficient Energy Audit Checklist. It is used to help facilities to maintain cost-effective heating, cooling and ventilation (HVAC) systems. It includes a customizable room-by-room evaluation so you never have to guess whether you are being energy efficient.

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Warehouse Inventory and Shipment

The Warehouse Inventory and Shipment app is designed to help with all areas of running a warehouse. You can track inventory, create supply records, use barcodes to track goods coming in and out, create exportable reports, work on and off line, and more. The app is proven to help warehouses save costs and time. It can also be synced across multiple devices so it’s easier than ever to work together.

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