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In 2021 companies have had to work harder than ever to create memorable packaging experiences. Sometimes, creating what consumers will accept and (hopefully) love in packaging can be a guessing game. This year many companies have taken their packaging to the next level in hopes of capturing consumer attention, protecting their bottom line, battling shortages, and more. Here’s some of this year’s most notable packaging redesigns.


To prove that packaging affects the experience of the consumer; McDonald’s packaging creates over 60 million interactions with consumers around the globe on daily basis. Therefore, the famous brand is making a change in how the packaging is used to make it part of the brand’s experience not just a tool for advertising.

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Cadbury Chocolates

Cadbury chocolate eggs are a staple for many people during the springtime. This year they launched a fresh design for the mini egg marketing. According to Dieline: “Using yellow, a color often synonymous with springtime, as a backdrop together with colorful eggs fosters familiarity with the classic candy but in this refresh is executed in a streamlined and modern way.”

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From PDA Member Morrisette: Virginia Distillery Company

PDA distributor, Morrisette, created a packaging redesign for a craft Whisky retail packaging. “The Virginia Distillery Company packaging design project came about as they were starting a new product concept: sample kit of whisky bottles and glasses, a blending kit that would be sold in retail stores. Morrisette’s design team worked on the design and presented it to their corporate team – and they loved it!” 

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Kentucky Fried Chicken

In 2020 people turned to delivery and to-go food options for much of their daily dining. For companies like KFC, creating enticing packaging that is easy to take on the go – without compromising the quality of the food – is critical. Having bright colors and modern designs are also important for capturing consumer attention. “KFC’s refresh slathers on the nostalgia like a rich and savory brown gravy, leveraging heritage elements like its red and white bars, with Colonel Sanders at the center stage of the packaging show. His warm and friendly visage is featured across the new packaging, and small details like his signature bowtie are used throughout as well. Finally, typography and tone leverage the folksy charm that the fried chicken brand does so well.”

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A snack food favorite for many years has been Pringles. With a unique packaging design in its market, Pringles tube-shaped package is loved by consumers. This year they gave their mascot a makeover and updated the graphics on their packaging to reflect a more modern design. Check out their logo evolution as well.

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Coca-Cola has unveiled a new, simplified design system across its Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar and Diet Coke brands. The change is the first global redesign of packaging since 2015, when the company first instituted its “One Brand” strategy, which featured work by Turner Duckworth, Epoch Design and Bulletproof.

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Morton Salt

Morton Salt is using packaging design to refresh its home-maintenance and food packaging and make it easier for consumers to shop for Morton products. The new package graphics feature bold angles and salt-related educational content, together with the brand’s familiar colors and the Morton Salt Girl.

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