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One trend to watch in 2022 is digital printing. This involves printing digital artwork on your packaging materials to create a brand-cohesive packaging experience. Companies also use this technology to print instructions, company information, and more on their packaging.

The question is – can you afford to incorporate digital printing in your packaging? Fortunately, it is becoming more cost effective with advancements in technology. Setting up single jobs are easy and fast which saves costs as well.

What You Need to Know About Digital Printing

Digital printing makes it possible for companies to have more flexibility with their product packaging. With more product options than ever before, consumers have a lot of choices. Companies in nearly every industry are fighting for market share. Digital printing makes it possible for companies to leave a lasting impression on their customers through memorable packaging.

Advantages of Digital Printing

Fast – With lead times of just days or weeks, digital printing makes it possible to print on demand and make last minute decisions when necessary. Unexpected changes in inventory or product availability can be handled because of the fast turn around.

Quality – Digital printing is considered a high quality and professional technology used to create an elevated packaging experience.

Personalization – Creating unique designs and short run packaging concepts is possible with digital printing. This also allows companies to stand out from their competitors with premium, thoughtful, and brand-consistent designs.

The Future of Digital Printing

Like all types of technology, digital printing will continue to become more cost effective over time. In time, advancements in technology will exponentially expand the number of companies that are able to integrate digital printing. One concern will also continue to be sustainability (and this applies to digital printing too). In general, digital printing will impact the design trends that we see in 2022. Be on the look out for more color and more unique packaging experiences this year.

Social media will also have an impact. We will continue to see growth in the presence of packaging in social media. When it comes to packaging design, digital printing will be prominent.

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