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Finding inspiration for your next packaging design project

Packaging design trends change every with the tides so companies are always working on optimizing their packaging design strategy. Packaging design refers to the obvious colors and branding used on the packaging, but it also involves the materials and structural strategy required for a successful design execution. Here are some of our favorite websites for packaging design inspiration. Browse design ideas and connect with other packaging designers.

1 The Dieline

At The Dieline website you can find packaging design case studies and articles, as well as award winners and conference information. Their mission is focused on moving the packaging industry forward particularly through creativity and innovation. With endless content you can find design inspiration for just about every market. They also have helpful articles to guide your design strategy. You can submit your packaging designs for award opportunities.

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Inspiration Grid

The Inspiration Grid is a website that showcases design inspiration for a variety of categories (like art, photography, etc) – including packaging design. The simple user experience allows website visitors to select a category and explore related designs. In packaging design you will find unique bottles, boxes, and more.

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Pinterest is a highly used platform for sharing and discovering all types of content. Users can search for packaging design topics and will find thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of entries.  The platform also makes it easy to save content and group content for specific projects. Pinterest goes a step beyond inspiration and has become a powerful social media platform.

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This website is unique in that it has 2 usability functions: users can browse designs without an account; or users can create an account and become part of their online community which is aimed at connecting packaging designers and allowing them to share their designs.

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Packaging of the World

As the name states, this site lets people explore and share packaging design concepts all over the world. It even features a filtering function that allows you to narrow the search results by the country that the packaging is from. Users can like, share, and comment on packaging designs. Another useful function is the ability to filter the results by packaging materials used.

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