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Social media has quickly become one of the primary ways that companies talk to their customers, vendors, and other industry influencers. There’s no longer a separation of B2B and B2C – in these modern times, people are on the internet, all day long, connecting to other people for a multitude of reasons. One of the biggest problems with the internet is the volume of information – and sifting through that information to find what you’re looking for. Introduce hashtags – no longer a new concept, the hashtag was created as a way for people to organize content into categories in a very easy way.


In the PDA community, we encourage all of our members and suppliers to use this hashtag on Linkedin and other social channels to keep all of the PDA news and media linked together. This makes PDA news more searchable and interconnected across all social media channels and other digital outlets. Whether it’s a new article, company update or other social share, this hashtag covers everything related to PDA.

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An obvious starting point, the general hashtag for the market is simple – #Packaging. When browsing through the content in this hashtag, here’s what you’ll find:

  • Unboxing videos and people sharing their experiences with packaging products
  • New packaging designs
  • Packaging industry articles
  • Packaging companies marketing their products and services
  • Ecofriendly content
  • Graphic design and renderings
  • Other innovations in the industry as a whole

This is where you want to go to find the most comprehensive – and out of the box – listing of packaging related content.

Explore #packaging


Packaging equipment has become extremely common in warehouses. Labor shortages have forced companies to seek alternate ways to keep the supply chain running. If you are looking for an update on new equipment or general information about what’s trending in packaging automation you should explore this hashtag.

Explore #packagingautomation


Another popular hashtag is #packagingdesign. Packaging design is a very popular topic amongst industry folks and packaging designers to collaborate and share new designs, as well as with customers. When a customer receives a packaging that is beautiful and well-made, it’s not uncommon to find it on twitter tagged with #packagingdesign. This is where you’ll want to go to get inspired for your next design project. You may also find industry events and conventions advertised in this hashtag.

Explore #packagingdesign


Almost every transaction – whether business or personal – starts online these days. At some point in the customer journey, the customer heads to the company’s website and social pages to get a feel for who they are working with. When it comes to packaging, this is absolutely the case. A simple search for #packagingcompany on twitter will bring up the more social-media-savvy companies that are in the packaging industry. You can see profiles that have #packagingcompany in their profile description, as well as posts with the hashtag. You may also run into packaging articles and blog entries.

Explore #packagingcompany


Perhaps the most helpful of all of the hashtags, #packagingtips will introduce you to a world of articles and blogs that you may not have otherwise discovered. You will also find packaging related quotes and other shorter tips that you can share with your team. A couple common topics are: packaging design, shipping packages, product comparisons, consumer trends, compliance recommendations, and other helpful information to stay informed and stay competitive.

Explore #packagingtips


#PackagingInnovation has a mixture of content. This hashtag is more curated and has a lot of valuable content since it is a more specific hashtag (ie. a broader hashtag like #packaging will have some irrelevant content). Here you will find new packaging products and materials that are being used in the industry. These days it’s common to see packaging sustainability within innovation. Packaging events and conventions are also commonly tagged to #packaginginnovation.

Explore #packaginginnovation

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