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Reading blogs is a great way to stay up to date on what’s happening in packaging. Whether you are looking for design inspiration, automation stories, news and insights on packaging companies, or anything in between, there’s a packaging blog for you.

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The 6 docs below cover a range of packaging topics. Share your favorites with us on social media!

  1. Graphic Packaging Commitment to Sustainability: An inspirational project conceived to celebrate the centenary of the United Nations, Vision 2045 entails fifty carefully selected global businesses joining forces to leverage cutting-edge thinking and the latest technology to create world-changing outcomes. Amongst its key objectives, the project aims to demonstrate how both organizations and individuals can take collective action to ensure a better future for society and the planet.
  2. Jabil Sustainability Packaging Revolution: This short film shows the impact of plastics on our environment. As packaging companies, we have to face the problem head on and show our commitment to bringing safe solutions and educating consumers on how to make smart decisions regarding plastic packaging. This is a great view of what the world faces and solutions that are possible.
  3. The Business of Amazon: As we know, Amazon has exploded as the top online retailer for getting access to anything you want (and fast!). In an effort to create more flexible packaging solutions, amazon has moved away from corrugated boxes, and moved toward mailer bags. See how it works.
  4. Rams: This is a documentary portrait about Dieter Rams, who is one of the most influential designers to ever impact branding, consumerism, and sustainability as a whole. He has left a mark on consumers through his designs for some of the biggest companies in the world. There’s a lot to learn from this documentary about how to be successful with your customers when it comes to packaging.
  5. Helvetica: People often disregard the effort that comes with creating packaging design. There are hundreds (if not thousands!) of decisions to make. Everything from the colors to the fonts, plus the functionality of the finished piece. Typography is essential for any brand – and packaging has to consider this too. This film shows how typography impacts marketing.
  6. Meet Your Paper Makers: Paper & Packaging released this film to show people where paper comes from. When you see the amount of work that goes into creating the paper that most deem as “waste” and thoughtlessly throw into garbage throughout the day – it opens your mind to how important it is to appreciate the paper products we have.


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