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Broken packaging equipment? You’re in the right place.

Automated equipment has made it possible for companies to survive the labor shortage. What happens when your equipment breaks down? Whether your equipment is broken now or you are doing due diligence to get prepared, this guide is designed for you.

Our packaging experts and service technicians have prepared their best advice and tips to help you get ready for a service repair appointment. Safety is critical for your company and we also cover important steps to take to stay safe.

One question we often hear is, “How can I prevent breakdown of my packaging equipment?” Don’t worry – we have advice to help you keep your equipment operational in the future and minimize the impact downtime can have on your bottom line.

Get Prepared

One piece of equipment goes down and your whole line can be affected. What will you do when your equipment breaks down?

1. Verify the Problem: Verify your power source is functioning properly to ensure the machine itself is the problem. Then unplug and reboot the machine. At this point you should also check your troubleshooting guide. This can be time consuming, but it is the best way to efficiently diagnose the problem.

2. Minimize Loss Once you confirm the equipment is down, get back up equipment ready asap. If no back up equipment is available, prepare your line workers to step in and hand-pack where necessary/possible.

Warning! Don’t open any panels or take the machine apart. You can get hurt and/or make the problem worse. It can also be extremely difficult to reassemble.

3. Gather Information Once you have a temporary solution in place – and before you start calling packaging service technicians – gather all of the information you have about your machine. This will make your phone call with the service tech fast and productive.

Find a technician

Companies have increased their reliance on machines in warehouses which has added pressure to packaging service technician. Finding a knowledgable, local, available technician can be a challenge. You can go to the manufacturer but they often have long wait times and are located far away. This is why it is important to have a plan in place for handing breakdowns and preparing effectively for your service appointment.

Day of Repair

Relief is finally here – it’s the day of the repair. You will be billed hourly for the labor involved in the repair, so being prepared is essential. Make sure you are ready for your technician when they arrive. For example, if there are any special protocols required when someone comes to your warehouse (for privacy, preventing contamination, etc.) be prepared to complete this quickly and efficiently.

Get our checklist for your repair

After your repair

Now that you are operational, it’s important to work on taking steps toward avoiding (or minimizing) equipment downtime. All equipment can break down at some point, but taking the proper steps can help you eliminate unnecessary problems, reduce the loss experienced when equipment breaks, and reduce the frequency of unavoidable downtime. Scheduled maintenance is the number one way to protect yourself.

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Need Equipment Service?

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