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Berry Global, a leading manufacturer of stretch film products, recently opened our Innovation and Training Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The facility represents a $2.5 million investment that spans approximately 12,000 square feet. It features a range of pallet wrapping machines with diverse capabilities and an extensive assortment of equipment designed for film evaluation.

Through the center, Berry aims to hone the expertise of our sales team and distributor partners. This will be facilitated by in-depth training in load protection optimization, assessments to determine accurate stretch film application, and how to accelerate the innovation of advanced films.

A range of classroom and hands-on training is offered at the center. Trainees will have the opportunity to engage with our regional sales representatives and gain a deeper understanding of the advantages of using Berry stretch films.

Trainees can expect an immersive learning experience at the Innovation Center, including the following:

  • Stretch Film 101: A full tour of manufacturing facilities and comprehensive classroom learning to understand the basics of stretch film.
  • Wrapping Dynamics and Optimization: Determining the best hand or machine stretch film for each application. Trainees will also learn how to adjust wrapper settings to achieve optimal performance, as well as accurate measurement methods for load containment and stability.
  • The Benefits of Berry’s Ultra and Premium Films: View first-hand how our thinner films out-perform conventional stretch films with superior puncture and tear resistance and exceptional cling, clarity, and stretch. Utilizing Berry Ultra and Premium films can contribute to overall material and cost reduction, and enhance sustainability.
  • Partnership Building: The center is a demonstration of Berry’s commitment to quality, innovation, and customer service. Through it, we aim to foster closer relationships with our distributors and welcome feedback and insights shared with Berry’s technical experts to further enhance the overall experience.

Berry’s dedication to product development and advancement is exemplified throughout this facility. There, we utilize state-of-the-art technology to evaluate and measure the variable properties and behaviors of stretch films:

  • Film Characterization and Quality Measures: Our equipment can quickly analyze fundamental film properties, like thickness, width, length, weight, density, modulus, elongation, tensile strength, puncture resistance, tear resistance, and cling force.
  • Performance Testing: Accurately assess how film properties will perform in the field, including pre-stretch ratio, force-to-load ratio, neck-down ratio, roping ratio, film memory, film relaxation, load deformation, load shifting, and load failure.

The Berry Stretch Film Innovation Center is a valuable resource for distributors to gain a deeper understanding of stretch film products and applications. This hands-on learning experience equips distributors with all the tools they need to streamline their customers wrapping processes and optimize load protection, while reducing overall cost and environmental impact. By facilitating these developments and improvements, Berry can continue to meet the evolving needs of the market.

To learn more about the Berry Stretch Film Innovation Center or to schedule a training session for your distribution team, please contact your local Berry sales representative.

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