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DNP Imagingcomm America introduced the Versatility Series in November 2023. This series comprises four thermal transfer ribbons that can handle most thermal transfer printing requirements. The company’s intention behind introducing these unique formulations under one umbrella is to simplify its customers’ thermal transfer ribbon selection process and direct them to a no-fail solution.

DNP began an extensive rebranding initiative in the second half of 2023. Although we offer over 20 ribbon formulations, DNP designed most to print on specific label stocks or at certain temperature and speed settings. However, TR4085plus, MP Mid, V300, and M295HD are exceptional in their versatility and ability to print on a wide range of label materials. These products also compensate for label surface inconsistencies and perform exceptionally well at various speed and temperature settings. This discovery led to the desire to highlight these thermal transfer ribbons to improve the selection process for our customers.

We decided to unify these four thermal transfer ribbon formulations under the name ‘The Versatility Series.’ Further simplifying things, DNP renamed each product with a ‘V’: V4085plus Versatile Resin-Enhanced Wax, V200 Versatile Wax/Resin, V300 Versatile Resin, and V295 Versatile TTO Wax/Resin. The Versatility Series highlights the uniqueness of these four thermal transfer ribbons and reflects our commitment to offering DNP customers better and more versatile solutions.

On November 1, 2023, DNP officially launched the Versatility Series with the tagline: “Ready for Anything.” This fresh message drew attention on social media, inspiring feelings of adaptability and confidence. The news spread even further when prominent industry publications, Label & Narrow Web and Labels & Labeling, shared the exciting news with their networks.

DNP would like to express its gratitude to everyone involved in the Versatility Series launch. We also thank our loyal customers for embracing this new naming convention and for their continued support of our business. We are committed to bringing innovative solutions to the thermal transfer ribbon industry and look forward to serving our customers with the highest quality products and services.

To learn more about DNP’s V Series, contact Jacob Cantrell at 724.787.0989 or

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