Packaging for Automotive Companies

Automobile parts are often transported long distances, by sea and land, before they reach their assembly destination. It is critical that the parts are transported with the right protective packaging to ensure that they arrive unharmed. There are hundreds of parts that go into assembling vehicles, from small nuts and bolts, to larger engines and panels. Many of these parts are fragile and easy to damage or scratch if improper packaging is used. When packaging and shipping for automotive, it’s important to make the best use of space to save on the costs to transport, while at the same time keeping the integrity of the parts.

Why the Automotive Industry Chooses PDA

  • We know the right packaging products for preserving the integrity of automotive parts
  • Our supplier network is specialized in automotive packaging
  • We take the time to prevent problems with damage and transport
  • Our engineers understand the needs of automotive companies when it comes to packaging
  • We offer customizable packaging solutions to fit your specific products

Looking for Automotive Packaging Solutions?

The PDA Way

How we solve supply chain problems for automotive companies

We take the entire supply chain into consideration when we approach automotive packaging. There are many moving parts in the logistics of transporting automotive parts to the assembly factory and making sure everything stays in tact. We ensure that our solutions provide the highest protection while minimizing costs. We utilize expendable and returnable packaging to reduce packaging waste, control inventory, and protect automotive parts from issues such as contamination or damage.

From The Packaging Expert

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