With the capacity for both small and large runs and an incredible design team, Flexpak Manufacturing excels at manufacturing stock and custom corrugate boxes, displays and folding cartons.

Coverage Areas

El Paso, TX, Juarez MX


• Global Containers & Custom Packaging provides custom returnable containers in a variety of designs to meet customer

• Our returnable containers are affordable and reliable.

• We also offer repair services and cleaning programs for all types of containers.

• We provide customized solutions to meet customer needs.

• Corrugated boxes of different strengths and resistances. Our package designs offer reliable product protection and are designed by professional grade

• We stock inventory volumes for our customers that allow us to reduce the turnaround time on delivery of product.

• Designed packaging to protect sensitive products from contamination or damage during transit.


The supply chain challenges that industrial manufacturers face are increasing, especially for those with global operations and business involving the border between Mexico and USA. If you want to be a key player in the market, you understand that shorter product lifecycles mean even shorter lead times. The tolerance for risk is disappearing and the market mandates to exceed customer demands is a must.

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