With the name “New-Tech Packaging,” it’s pretty obvious that packaging is our core product and service. What might not be quite as obvious, though, is the significance behind the other half of our name – “New-Tech.” After all, New-Tech is not just our name, it’s how we meet and exceed our customers’ expectations in everything that we do.

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Custom packaging

New-Tech designs and manufactures custom packaging products for customers with the strictest packaging standards. We make corrugated boxes, foam protective packaging, plastic corrugated packaging and wooden crates. As ‘custom’ implies, each packaging application is different and requires different materials and processes. At New-Tech Packaging we have the facilities and trained personnel to handle all of your custom packaging needs.

Packaging Audits

Beating last year’s income objectives while reducing costs is the crux of the work that you do every day. Doing more with less is the critical challenge that every business manager faces.

While packaging often seems like a simple line item expense at first glance, it actually offers substantial opportunities to increase revenue and decrease expenses.


At New-Tech Packaging, we refuse to treat packaging like a simple commodity product. We are a technology company, working in a commodity industry. We leverage our strength and technical expertise to provide better materials, better designs, and creative innovation – resulting in packaging solutions that are better, faster, and cheaper.

While our competitors will take a list of all of the items that you’re currently buying, and then quote the same items, we bring a team of technical professionals to address the following 12 strategic cost drivers. We call this process a “Packaging Audit,” and it is the foundation for saving money and increasing value.

Packaging Workflow

Your products somehow get inside their packaging.  It happens every day.  It has to.  But there’s no time to work on the overall process, because your resources are focused on the day-to-day work of getting it done … there’s no time to work on HOW to get it done better, faster and cheaper.

New-Tech works in a variety of industries, which allows us to see the best practices in very different work flows.  This sharpens us to look at your process with outside eyes, to see the things that you’re missing because you’re looking at them every day.

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Need Equipment Service?

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