Founded in 1952, Pacific Packaging Products Inc. provides expert business solutions to increase our customers’ competitive edge and profitability. Whether it is in packaging design, packaging manufacturing and converting, packaging equipment and automation, or the utilization of Pacific’s unparalleled USA coast-to-coast, Canadian, Mexican and Caribbean infrastructure to deliver lean, supply chain solutions, Pacific is the optimal partner for your demanding business. Pacific has the leverage and reach of a large multinational corporation, with the flexibility and innovation of a family owned, independent company.

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The primary benefits of packaging are: Information regarding product content, containment, managing size and quantity, protect content, marketing and security. Pacific’s packaging solutions can help you with all the packaging needs under one roof.

Information regarding product content:

Labels, Identification & Printed Tape
Chip, Paperboard & Industrial Paper

Stretch Film
Shrink Film
Managing size and quantity:

Bags, Poly & Flexible Material
Strapping, Securing & Edge Protect
Banding & Securing
Crating & Pallets
Corrugated, Boxes & Containers
Thermoformed Products
Shipping & Warehouse Supplies

And more

Why Pacific

As Product Experts, Pacific is a premiere level distributor for virtually all-major lines of packaging, equipment, packaging related services, as well as distributors of the leading brands of safety and personal protection products. With comprehensive engineering, design and development capabilities, we evaluate and offer more than one product solution, ensuring objectivity, while recommending the best solutions.

As Manufacturers and Converters, our rewinding, sheeting and slitting machinery greatly enhances our product line by offering customers special lengths, widths, sizes and shapes of various packaging materials to meet your unique requirements. Our converting capabilities include guillotine cutting, precision slitting, rewinding, sheeting, die cutting, laminating and fabricating. Pacific’s high technology printing presses for pressure-sensitive tape, label and film requirements provide you with high quality graphics that meet the most demanding carton closure system applications.


Customer satisfaction and market leadership are the goals of our quality process. Our success requires a partnership between Pacific’s customers, employees, vendors and manufacturers. This partnership assures that we meet or exceed our customer’s requirements and pursue continual improvement.

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Need Equipment Service?

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