For over 100 years, Michigan and our neighboring states have led the world in manufacturing. For nearly half of those years, Shoreline Container has been a growing partner to that manufacturing base by designing and producing custom container and packaging solutions.

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Our customers help shape our company. We strive to be flexible enough to deliver creative solutions and efficient enough to be on time and on budget with a final product that leaves your products without flaw or blemish.

Shoreline’s operations take place in two state-of-the-art facilities with a combined 400,000 square feet. These plants are outfitted with the latest in technology and equipment. We have a staff of nearly 250 people working in multiple shifts, all dedicated to engineering and building the right solutions for your products. We have developed national and international partnerships with suppliers that insure you will receive the right level of quality at a competitive cost. Shoreline is also a partner in Five Star Sheets, one the nations premier corrugated sheet manufacturers.

At Shoreline, we’ve built a business model around your needs: four separate groups but one point of contact. This allows you to keep your resources and energy focused on what you do best instead of navigating through multiple suppliers when you really just need one good solution.

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Single Point of Contact. Instead of calling multiple people or even multiple companies, working with Shoreline means beginning with a single point of contact for all your packaging needs–containers, packaging, paperboard, and returnables all provided from a single source. We help evaluate various options with you and put our team to work creating solutions.

Design and Engineering. We have a team of highly educated and experienced engineers that collaborate to develop the optimum packaging solutions, taking into consideration your specific needs and timeframes. Our solutions are always designed with cost efficiency and environmental impact in mind.

Prototype and Testing. Upon acceptance of designs, we create prototypes and run them through a series of tests to insure durability and functionality.

Production. Shoreline’s dedicated staff runs two shifts in both of our production facilities. Our equipment is capable of turning out thousands of boxes per hour in addition to the wide variety of packaging, returnable, and paperboard products created every day.

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