When a company has thousands of SKUs, and they’re shipping thousands of products per day, management of packaging and shipping costs is critical. A lack of systemization and planning of packaging products was causing supply chain break down for a large pet supply retailer. Streamlining their boxes through PDA has paid off, in more ways than one.

What obstacle was our client facing?


When your company is producing and shipping an endless list of products – of various sizes and weights – the task of decisions surrounding packaging supplies can be daunting. This grows more complex when your company has multiple distribution centers around the country. For one of the nation’s leading sellers of pet foods, supplies, and services, the need to streamline their packaging SKUs was prominent. This company approached PDA and asked for a solution.

How would your company benefit from a unified pricing structure at all DCs?

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The PDA Way

When this pet supply company approached us we knew just what to do:

  • PDA brought a common approach with unified pricing structure to all of the distribution centers.
  • By working with PDA at all DCs, they were able to share best practices and help the client to achieve product standardization and rationalization for their core business.
  • They also have access to, and interface with, top management at the individual PDA servicing member locations.
  • Two companies work together via monthly teleconferences to achieve lowest total cost of ownership solutions in the packaging arena.

What was the outcome?

Over the past several years, PDA has been able to bring cost savings through innovative design and long term productivity improvement through engineered solutions. Our client has saved costs on packaging products as a whole, saved inventory space, optimized packaging inventory, and demonstrates a streamlined supply chain with like-sized boxes.


Another benefit of working with PDA: when one facility ran out of boxes, we were able to utilize our network of trucks and boxes to send identical boxes to replenish their supply immediately. Our team stayed late and worked cooperatively to ensure that the streamlined approach extended it’s benefit.

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