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Podcasts have quickly become one of the most popular ways for people to get information.

Whether you’re looking for entertainment, tips and tricks for your favorite hobby, or insights to help advance your career, there’s a podcast for you. With 1 million active podcasts and more than 29 million podcast episodes, it’s no wonder that podcasts are so popular with businesses and consumers (get more podcast statistics updated for 2021 here).

Last year we wrote about some of the most popular packaging podcasts that were on the market at the time (you can read that blog here). This article was so popular that we decided to update our blog to reflect what’s new and exciting in packaging and podcasting.

Keep reading to explore podcasts that are interesting and engaging for anyone in a packaging role.

The Pioneer Progressive

Pioneer Packaging’s official podcast providing you with the company and the packaging industry’s essential information, trends, and educational information. All brought to you in short and entertaining episodes.

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People of Packaging Podcast

With only a few episodes, this is a new podcast that features stories from real people in the packaging industry. According to his LinkedIn profile, Adam Peek is the Co-Host and founder of the podcast, and created the podcast this year to interview people in packaging and share those stories. If you are looking to get into an up and coming podcast this is a great listen.

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The EcomCrew Ecommerce Podcast

With Ecommerce being such a popular sales channel in todays tech-focused world, most packaging professionals are faced with Ecommerce decisions on a daily basis. This podcast has multiple editions per week and covers everything you need to know about Ecommerce. With hundreds of episodes, any Ecommerce question you have can be answered here. You can also trust your hosts Mike Jackness and Dave Bryant, and they have proven their knowledge in their own 7-figure stores.

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Player FM

Player FM is a podcast platform that covers every topic you can think of (in and out of packaging). If you head to their packaging category page, you will find a hundreds of entries from hundreds of different podcasters. Rather than one specific podcast, this is a source to learn from industry leaders and explore different perspectives on packaging topics. Some specific podcasters include: The Product Boss podcast, Retail Ready podcast, Entrepreneur Effect, Shelf Impactors, Well Made, and more.

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Packaging Perspectives Podcast

This is one of the most active podcasts within the packaging industry. Brought to you by Packaging Strategies, the creators bring you up to date information and news within the packaging industry. A few recent topics include “What Drives Innovation in Package Cartoning,” “Measuring and Filling Dry Food Products,” and “Leading Companies Launch Returnable Packaging for Everyday Products.” This is a great podcast if you want industry information from industry experts.

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GAMUT: Idealliance Printing & Packaging Podcast

If you are looking for a podcast that covers a broad range of topics that affect the supply chain, this is the podcast for you. Some of the topics that they cover include: global print standards, design intent, communicating across the supply chain, design thinking, tools and software, advancements in the industry, and more. This is another very active podcast with new editions coming every week.

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