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PDA Packaging Spotlights

On the PDA blog we have featured a multitude of markets and segments with unique packaging stories. The juxtaposition of the industrial, timeless nature of packaging, with the future-focused, tech-focused solutions makes packaging dynamic. From warehousing practices to innovative materials, we’ve explored many avenues that make packaging interesting. In this blog we’re sharing a recap of the top packaging spotlights that we have featured on the PDA blog.

Packaging Trends: Dark Warehousing

No matter how big or small a warehouse is, there is no shortage of equipment and automation in today’s modern fulfillment centers. While the idea of 100% automation is out of reach for many companies, there are many benefits of automation that exist below the 100% mark. In this article we’re exploring what dark warehouses are and other ways warehouses use automation.

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More Niche Packaging Markets that are Trending in 2021

The packaging industry provides products, machines, and materials for companies that operate in literally any market you can imagine. We’ve explored niche markets in packaging in previous blogs – from pet food to wine to home office. In this article we are bringing you more products that rely on great packaging and operate in niche markets.

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Learn About Packaging Trends in Labeling

Labels have been around on products since the start of commerce. Like many other industries, the future is being shaped by technology. Small labels carry a lot of power when they carry scannable information. Aside from that, labels have become a critical part of communicating what a product is to a customer or a potential customer. From an e-commerce perspective, labels are an every day necessity. Explore what is currently trending in packaging labeling.

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Spotlight on 3D Printing in Packaging

3D Printing has made its way into nearly every sector, and packaging is no exception. The global interest in 3D printing has exploded due its cost effective method of creating unique shapes. Companies are able to create prototypes for pennies on the dollar when compared to traditional options. The packaging industry specifically has seen innovations in everything from machinery to unique package shapes.

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Inside Packaging Trends in Smart Manufacturing

The technologies that work together to make up the manufacturing ecosystems of today’s smartest warehouses have exponentially advanced over the past decade. So much so that the term Smart Manufacturing was developed to summarize this extremely cutting-edge environment. Envision computer-integrated machines, highly adaptable processes, sensors and automation, and the most tech-savvy machine operators in history.

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Why Companies are Choosing Flexible Packaging

Companies have endless options when it comes to selecting their product packaging so it isn’t always easy to select the right option. This year, many companies will turn to flexible packaging solutions. The word is out that the benefits expand through the whole supply chain when flexible packaging solutions are utilized. While this isn’t always an option, there is likely somewhere on your packaging line that you can benefit from flexible packaging.

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