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CELINA, Ohio – Innovation and customer service have always been a top priority for our team at Versa Pak Ltd.

We are very proud of our 24 custom manufacturing lines that allow us to find a solution and manufacture custom plastic bags, films or sheeting needed by our customers in packaging. While our versatility led to continued growth and an expansion into a new facility, our company website was pushed to the wayside and became stagnant— something we found to be common in the B2B world, but also a missed opportunity.

Our sales manager, Jeff Knapke, took the lead to overhaul the company website this year after we realized the old site was not accurately reflecting the innovation and capabilities of our company today. We knew nearly all prospects—and especially the upcoming generation—were conducting online searches before even talking with a company representative. Buyers are more informed today than ever before due to the wealth of information they can find online.

Our outdated site lacked the image we wanted to reflect and did not provide the resources we wanted our customers and prospects to have.

Our new site,, showcases the innovation of our company, has easily accessible forms and buttons to allow customers to ask questions and get quotes, and is mobile responsive—a necessity in today’s world of smartphones. We wanted the site to be as user friendly as our company prides itself upon.

Customers and prospects can now see and learn about the capabilities of our products and our full-service research and quality lab. The on-site lab provides sample testing and quality measurements on plastic packaging variables such as Elmendorf tear, elongation and tensile strength, seal strength, impact resistance and more. This research and testing is essential when developing custom packaging.

Our web users can utilize interactive bag calculators to determine the size of a box liner bag and total bag size required, the size of a pallet cover bag and total bag size required, and the weight of low density polyethylene bags and sheeting.

A highlight of our new site is featuring our state of the art Co-Extrusion Lines that allows packagers to combine multiple features, such as moisture barriers and puncture resistance in the food industry or various slips for consumer products. Co-extruded blends are a combination of two or more resins engineered into a multi-layer film.

The marketing strategy that led to the site development was focused on understanding our buyers, the questions they have and the process they go through in making purchasing decisions. The new site allows us to track the user experience through analytics so we can continually update and make adjustments based on what customers are searching for online.

In today’s increasingly digital world, we’ve realized the importance of making our website one of our sales tools. We are excited to continue to develop our site and already have a list of items we plan to incorporate in the future.

Also important to our team here at Versa Pak was creating a message throughout the website that reflected not only our product versatility, but also our company personality and how we work with customers. One of our guiding principles has always been based on building relationships.

We are very proud to include a customer testimonials on the site that we hope give prospects a glimpse into what it’s like partnering with us at Versa Pak.

“Versa Pak exceeds our expectations with the sincere desire to do whatever it takes to get the job done. The quality and packaging is top notch. The amount of returns is virtually zero. Innovative materials and cost savings ideas help us save our customers money. Quotations are returned promptly. Delivery dates are met. A promise is a promise with Versa Pak.” – Dean Backscheider, President, BGR Inc.

Our continued growth led us to build a new facility and we now operate under a 110,000-square foot facility. This endeavor has made it possible to expand our capabilities and offer more products and opportunities for our customers in the packaging industry.

We hope you check out our new site at

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