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At PDA, every box has a story. Many of these stories start with imagination and come to fruition through ingenuity, tenacity, and dedication to working as a team.

Atlanta – November 13, 2017 – Today, Packaging Distributors of America (PDA) released the latest edition in our video campaign Every Box Has a Story. The video, titled Reaching for Success was created to bring packaging to life by creating an emotional connection between a dad, son, and pile of boxes.

The short video depicts a busy architect working at an at-home office space. His interested son seen next, carefully studying his father’s ever move. Wanting to be just like his dad, the child makes his own architectural plans and uses craft supplies – namely, corrugated boxes – to construct his masterpiece. It goes without saying that this touching snippet encourages us to slow down and appreciate the small moments in our lives and appreciate the time that we are able to spend with one another.

Reaching for success.. it’s not a destination it’s the road we’re one. We get there by working hard, everyday. Imagination. Innovation. And Focus. We build today for a better tomorrow. Reaching new heights by working together.

Each edition of the Every Box Has a Story campaign shows a different angle on how boxes plan important roles in making our every day lives possible and meaningful. As seen in Reaching for Success, boxes have a unique influence on our imagination and bring to life what wasn’t previously possible, as well as creating emotional connections and memorable experiences in our lives.

The full 60-second video was produced in Sarasota, Florida by Twenty Five Apart and Up All Night Productions, and has been distributed to industry news and information sources, as well as social media channels.

Our intention with “Every Box Has a Story” is to encourage all to consider the moments in our lives where packaging has an impact. We set out to bring the box to life: to give boxes unforgettable and meaningful stories.

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