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We need over 660 million trees just to sustain our use of boxes in the United States on a yearly basis.


Here’s the math:


In the United States we use over 100 billion boxes per year. One tree can produce approximately 151 boxes. Under this assumption, we need at least 660 million trees just to produce the boxes that we require in the United States per year.


As a company that relies on the Earth’s natural resources we make it a priority to seek out the best resources to sustain the Earth. In light of paper consumption, this week we’re sharing a few great ways to help you plant a tree.

National Forest Foundation

Cost: $1 per tree; $25 to receive the annual subscription to Your National Forests magazine


Focused on US forests, the National Forest Foundation engages Americans in promoting the health and public enjoyment of our National Forests.

National Forest Foundation

Cost: $1 per tree


From the One Tree Planted website you can select the country in which you want to plant a tree and pay $1 per tree. Their variety of locations helps you to know exactly where you tree is going to be planted. Their website also features a “global forest watch” which is an interactive map that lets you see where the biggest deforestation problems are occurring globally.

The Nature Conservancy

Cost: Select a custom amount – minimum $25


The Plant A Billion website allows visitors to donate to “protect a region” – with multiple regions from which to select. The regions are: Brazil, United States, and China. Each country-specific page explains the problem in the local ecosystem, how you can contribute to help restore health to that specific forest, and more.

A Living Tribute

Cost: $9.99 for one tree; $29.99 for a small grove (5 trees); $54.99 for a medium grove (10 trees); $100 for a large grove (25 trees); $250 for 100 trees; $500 for 250 trees; $750 to be a Friend of the Forest (500 trees)


With a different approach to planting trees, A Living Tribute allows participants the opportunity to plant a tree in memory or celebration of a loved one.

Trees for the Future

Cost: $10 provides essential tree seeds for one family; $25 provides a family with nursery tools they’ll need to grow seedlings; $50 provides a full forest garden kit to a family for one year; $240 sends a farmer to field school to learn to grow and manage the forest garden; $640 empowers a family by fully supporting them to grow and manage a new forest garden


Trees for the Future focuses on the implementation of Forest Garden Programs in Cameroon, Kenya, Senegal, Uganda, and Tanzania.

Plant a Tree Today

Cost: $6 supports a community development project; $8 a tree is planted and maintained for 3 years; $13 supports eco-forest restoration project; or custom amount


With almost a million trees planted, Plant a Tree Today focuses on three main things: native forest restoration, environmental education and community development. These three components work together to create a sustainable impact for our future generation.

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