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Encouraging creativity, discovery, and thoughtfulness in packaging: Every Box Has a Story

Atlanta – November 22, 2016 – Our intention with “Every Box Has a Story” is to encourage all to consider the moments in our lives where packaging has an impact. We set out to bring the box to life: to give boxes unforgettable and meaningful stories.


Boxes are a mechanism to transport goods, but their utility doesn’t stop there.  Adults and children alike find new purposes for boxes everyday. They not only make our lives easier, but in many cases they make our lives possible.


Stephanie Roland, media director: “We really wanted to create something that would help consumers look at boxes differently. We wanted to bring them into the campaign by creating story lines that are relatable and important. It’s easy to look at boxes as plain, brown, transportation devices – we wanted to change this.”


The stories in the video include: (1) an expecting mother receiving a box of clothes and toys for her baby boy; (2) the same boy at 4-years-old, experiencing the joy of combining boxes with imagination; (3) the boy again at 8-years-old, using boxes to learn and prepare for a school science project; (4) at 13-years-old we see the boy growing into a new phase of his life: his teen years; (5) and at 18-years-old, as he uses boxes to lighten the burden of packing and ease the transition to college.


The full 60-second video was shot in Sarasota, Florida by Up All Night productions, and had been distributed to industry news and information sources, as well as social media channels.

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