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Twitter launched in 2006 as a way for users to quickly find information and news, communicate privately and with the world, and aggregate a following of fans.


Businesses have flocked to twitter to understand their customers desires and needs, and answer their questions quickly and effectively. Celebrities also utilize the platform as a method of engaging fans and sharing their own news. In recent years, politicians have even become involved with twitter to reach their supporters.

As a micro-blogging platform, Twitter allows its users to share updates in just 140 characters. Hashtags are used to categorize information. And direct messaging allows a more private interaction.

In the packaging world, Twitter has surfaced as a way for industry leaders to communicate their thoughts and opinions about the future in packaging, share trends and updates, discuss product launches and innovations, and communicate with their vendors and consumers to ultimately grow their own organizations.

Here are the top 20 tweets that we have aggregated in the first couple months of 2017:

1. Bringing the next generation into packaging

2. A look at the history of packaging design


3. The influence of packaging

4. Packaging design will only continue to grow as a brand asset

5. Online sales and packaging go hand-in-hand

6. Another trend in packaging: sustainability and biotechnology

7. When all of the bottles on the shelf look the same what are you doing to stand out

7. …standing out on a budget, check

8. Saving the environment: another trend in packaging this year

9. 3D printing, meet packaging

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