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With competing products living side-by-side on the shelves, having a creative edge against other products has become a proven strategy to stand-out in the crowd.

As consumers are browsing shelves there are a multitude of purchase-decision influencers, including brand recognition, previous use, and product information obtained via packaging design.

Hours of thought and discussions go into each decision related to packaging for most products. Designers and product architects must evaluate the product packaging needs (ex. structure, stability, strength, ease of open, tamper-proof/tamper-evident, etc.).

Business Insider reports that first impressions are made within seven seconds. These companies have used creativity as a way to communicate their product information and make a unique impression on consumers.


This candy packaging is both eye-catching and functional at the same time. Convenient to bring to a movie theater, or to use at home, the triangle-shaped box breaks in half making it convenient to share with those around you. The hole shaped opening makes it easy to pour without loud noise or mess.


Ruta Chocolate

The chocolate and candy shelves are often filled with sealed packages that have digital prints preventing aisle-browsers from previewing the package contents. Ruta has found away around this, without compromising health and safety, with a plastic-sealed window. As a gourmet chocolate manufacturer, they also included a raised texture for the line-drawn design elements to convey an extra level of quality.



Spice Palette (concept)

Spice Palette is a student concept from Packaging of the World. It’s sophisticated yet simple design suggests a corresponding level of attention to detail and quality of product. The functionality of the design allows beginner and advanced chefs (and everyone in-between) to save time and cook in a mess free environment. New chefs can also take advantage of the tips and information on the back of the packaging.



Dripp Boxed Water

Selling consumers on a new approach to a lifestyle necessity is always a challenge. For Dripp to effectively convert water drinkers from plastic or glass bottles to paper cartons for water, they needed to make an impression very quickly. There is no question that the product is boxed water – and the packaging communicates the benefits. The packaging design is also simple and utilizes white space, which appeals to the target audience who values eco-friendly products and simplicity.



Backpack Wine

The wine industry has undergone many changes and appeals to a wide range of demographics. To sell the idea of wine in a can, the designers communicate with a laid-back, calm tone, to appear more nautical and conservative. This imagery appeals to the convenience that cans bring to various social settings, without losing the sophistication or atmosphere of the room.


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