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Social media is transforming the way we interact with our favorite brands, products, businesses, and political/cultural/social figures.


It provides a platform for anyone with a smartphone or computer to share ideas and connect with anyone, just about anywhere in the world. When it comes specifically to businesses using social media, Linkedin is a clear outlet for every business. From its inception, Linkedin has been an outlet that is strictly for business purposes – such as professional development or career advancement.  Started in 2003, Linkedin currently has half a billion users, and is continuing to increase its user base through adding more dynamic functions and appealing to younger generations. It allows companies to find new hires, product sourcing, and potential leads; and allows consumers to find job opportunities, learn about trends in emerging markets, find new products, network with colleagues/peers, and more.  The platform allows you to see people who you could possibly connect with, recommended based upon preset factors, such as job location or position, alma mater, volunteer work, and skills.


The packaging industry is no stranger to social media, including Linkedin. Because over 50% of Linkedin traffic is on a mobile device, the top posts that we’re seeing are short and easy to read from a mobile device, media driven (whether it’s video, graphic, or image content), and include mobile-friendly links. Almost three-quarters of business professionals who use Linkedin deem the content as trustworthy, creating an avenue to build trust between a business and its audience.


Over 130,000 posts are shared every week on LinkedIn – here are the top eight posts in packaging that we’ve seen so far this year.

1. Andrew Gibbs

Founder of The Dieline  |  Follow on Linkedin


2. Sean Riley

Senior Director, Media and Industry Communications at PMMI: The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies  |  Follow on Linkedin

3. David Abney

Chief Executive Officer at UPS  |  Follow on Linkedin

4. Michael Dell

CEO and Chairman at Dell Technologies  |  Follow on Linkedin

5. Iram Shah

Senior Vice President Schneider Electric ◆ General Management ◆ Marketing ◆ Digital Customer Experience ◆  |  Follow on Linkedin

6. Beth Comstock

Vice Chair at GE  |  Follow on Linkedin

7. Todd Tillemans

President US, The Hershey Company  |  Follow on Linkedin

8. Emily McGarvey

Director, Corporate Social Responsibility at Target  |  Follow on Linkedin

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