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At the PDA Annual Meeting in June, distributors were introduced to a new product that is a superior solution to a daily problem

Tach-It’s new product, the Edge Board cutter, a unique and safe cutting system for cardboard edge protection products, was debuted to the PDA distributors at our annual meeting in June and was widely received by the membership base.  The video above showcases the problem that many packaging facilities have experienced when attempting to cut an edge board. With Tach-It’s new product these problems vanish and the time spent cutting edge boards decreases exponentially.

A word from Tach-It:

Tach-IT is proud to announce the top PDA members for this year (June 2016 – May 2017):

  • BGR, Inc., received the “Big Bucks” award for having the largest growth in sales dollars
  • Hughes Enterprises, received the “Top Dog” award for largest percent of growth.
  • We would also like to mention Crownhill Packaging for their success of going from $0 to $18K in 8 short months!

We appreciate the partnership and business that we do with many of the PDA members.  We are hoping to double our business over the next year with all the excitement that was shown towards our new  EBC-100 that cuts V board.  It is our privilege to be a part of the PDA Member and Supplier group.

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