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There are some moments in our lives that force us into the moment to enjoy our greatest wishes… often made possible by a box.

Atlanta – August 16, 2017 – Today, Packaging Distributors of America (PDA) released the latest edition in our video campaign Every Box Has a Story. The video, titled Life’s Celebrations was created to showcase the emotional build up that we experience during the most special moments in our lives.

The short video depicts a family celebrating a little girl’s birthday; we quickly learn that her father is in the military and may not make it home for her special day. While we often see many boxes in these special moments, this day required just one very large box to deliver her most important gift. There are many moments in our lives that have an ability to shape our path and change our perspective – many of these moments: delivered in boxes.

You want to be there for the meaningful memories that connect us all. And sometimes, if you plan for it, if you work for it, your greatest wish will arrive on your doorstep…inside a box.

Each edition of the Every Box Has a Story campaign shows a different angle on how boxes plan important roles in making our every day lives possible and meaningful. As seen in Life’s Celebrations, boxes have a powerful ability to transport our most important possessions and ensure they arrive safe, protected, and in time, delivering the joy that we experience during those special moments.

The full 60-second video was produced in Sarasota, Florida by Twenty Five Apart and Up All Night Productions, and has been distributed to industry news and information sources, as well as social media channels.

Our intention with “Every Box Has a Story” is to encourage all to consider the moments in our lives where packaging has an impact. We set out to bring the box to life: to give boxes unforgettable and meaningful stories.

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