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Screw-Cap Wine

While it scores high marks for performance and functionality for consumers, the screw-cap alternative to a traditional cork doesn’t have the same auditory experience of opening a corked bottle of wine. Typically, the sound of a cork popping says the moment is special, and with no discernable auditory cue, the value of the opening experience may be lackluster.


Pharma & Medtech

Whether they’re using existing packaging equipment or considering new equipment, respondents are facing challenges. Respondents spoke of the “need to use existing packaging.” However, “equipment is old and tends to fail periodically,” says one professional. But oftentimes existing equipment is “not flexible enough.” “Existing equipment is acceptable for a start-up but not suitable for large volumes,” adds one professional. For one, the challenge is that “company is slow to spend $ to replace old equipment.” And sometimes it is the market: “U.S. is a bottle legacy manufacturer, which limits change.” Other challenges with existing equipment include:

  • Capability, speed, getting parts.
  • Fitting change parts.
  • Slow speed, lack of 100% reliability.
  • Keeping footprint to a minimum.
  • Too customized for new materials and improvements.
  • Not always compatible with new materials.
  • Automation is designed for high-volume production.
  • Complying with current requirements.


Digital Print for Packaging

it’s subject to a larger range of substrates that tend to be more challenging to print on – such as clear films that require white-ink printing. Second, it’s heavily divided into many sub-segments. This can make packaging more problematic, because even with conventional printing, no one type of press can handle all the applications. Third, the markets for packaging are extremely diverse. The four main categories – labels, flexible packaging, corrugated and folding cartons – can be divided even further into sub-categories. Again, it’s a very intricate mix of different types of packaging with different requirements that no single press (even an offset press or a flexo press) may be able to accommodate.

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