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Pacific Packaging is the largest independent packaging distributor and Master Convertor in New England, and one of the largest in North America.

With full packaging design, equipment automation and Supply Chain management expertise, Pacific optimizes all aspects of its client’s business from both the product and business process side, reducing expense, and giving the best service in the industry. An ISO 9001 Quality Certified company, Pacific has locations across North America and the Caribbean, and through the use of its own locations, and the unparalleled service platform afforded by PDA, Pacific gives top-level support wherever needed.


Master Convertors and Manufacturers, Pacific does much more then inventory and move product. Pacific is a master convertor for a wide variety of specialty products, enabling its clients to receive their custom packaging as a seamlessly integrated component of their packaging supply chain. Fabricating, printing, die-cutting, guillotine cutting and slitting of the complete spectrum of packaging materials, Pacific affords its clients custom products quickly and economically.


Lean Supply Chain Managers, Pacific has unparalleled expertise in “Lean” processes, affording its clients real-time product availability while reducing inventory, capital, labor and transactional costs. Through capabilities such as Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), eCommerce, consignment, consolidated invoicing and electronic settlement, Pacific guarantees product availability to its clients while reducing costs, guaranteeing product availability and improving client cash flow.


Equipment and Automation Specialists: Pacific has formal engineering capabilities and decades of experience in all facets of packaging automation, equipment and support. Pacific has trained and certified automation engineers, as well as trained and certified technical support professionals. Whether a complex, fully automated robotic-based packaging line, or a standalone pallet wrapping or case sealing unit, Pacific affords its clients a detailed ROI utilizing their own information to ensure the value requested is documented and delivered.


Product Designers and Engineers, Pacific can develop the optimal product solution for packaging any type of product. Examples include multi-colored printing and retail packaging, thermoformed packaging, high performance films as well as foam and corrugated “kits” for high value items. Pacific has the unique ability to design, develop, manufacture and offers its clients an optimized supply chain for its custom and standard products, all being delivered together.


Technology: Pacific is a technology leader in the packaging industry, affording its clients comprehensive eCommerce capabilities inclusive of functionality designed to optimize the clients business processes including favorites, reorders, customer-specific data fields and historical reporting. In addition, Pacific’s platform supports “punch-out”, offering seamless integration with major eProcurement providers such as Ariba/SAP and Oracle. Combined with Pacific’s flexible electronic invoicing capabilities, ability to support all EDI transaction types, and real-time reporting capabilities, Pacific leads the way in high-value technology based functionality.


Pacific Packaging is a great partner to have on new packaging applications. We can help custom package your latest part or product. We have the knowledge to help create the complete package from the corrugated box, poly liner, cushioning and the tape to seal the carton. We stock cradles for stacking, crates for overseas shipments and anti-static or barrier film to surround your shipments. Whether our clients are retail, industrial, medical, electronic or virtually any other type of company, give our engineering staff the chance to solve your biggest packaging challenges.

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Need Equipment Service?

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