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Petco, one of the nation’s leading sellers of pet foods, supplies, and services, has chosen Packaging Distributors of America (PDA) as its main source supplier of packaging supplies to its distribution centers throughout the United States. Heritage Paper Company was able to capitalize on a 20 year relationship with Petco in California by introducing the company to PDA.


Currently, PDA services Petco Distribution Centers located in San Diego CA, Reno NV Chicago, IL, Atlanta, GA, and Monroe, NJ. Packaging Distributors of America brings a common approach with unified pricing structure to all DC’s. They are able to share best practices and help Petco to achieve product standardization and rationalization for their core business. Petco has access to, and interfaces with, top management at the individual PDA servicing member locations. The two companies work together via monthly teleconferences to achieve lowest total cost of ownership solutions in the packaging arena.


Over the past several years PDA has been able to bring cost savings through innovative design and long term productivity improvement through engineered solutions.

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