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The fulfillment process has so many steps – many of which involve packaging – leaving many opportunities for mistakes to be made or critical elements to be overlooked. Here are a few examples of common packaging mistakes and how to avoid them.


Brand Identity


Packaging is a great opportunity to get your logo in front of your customers or potential customers. The design of both the primary and the secondary packaging are essential to the marketing program. The packaging is the visible face of the product and communicates much of the product information to the end user.


Sizing + Durability


Choosing a box that is not the right size will cost you more money in the long run with dim weight restrictions and other transportation costs. You may also end up with damaged goods or packaging imperfections if your materials are not suitable for what you are shipping. Contact one of our packaging professional to help you determine the correct size and material of packaging (whether primary or secondary or both) is best suited for your goods.


Product Education


The outside of a product is a great place to educate your customer on how to use your product. It is common in food packaging to see recipes and other nutritional information printed on the box. This also ensures that you are selling to the right audience so that you have happy customers. With regard to shipping boxes, printing of handling information is critical for many products that have special requirements (such as temperature or weight).


Insufficient Materials


From tape to peanuts, having the right materials to support your boxes is critical. Be sure to fill extra space with materials such as peanuts or paper – opting for recycled where possible. This will keep products from becoming damaged during transit. Tape quality and quantity also makes a difference – no one, you nor your consumer, will be satisfied if your box comes unattached because of tape malfunctions.


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