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Packaging Distributors of America came together for one simple reason: to create an unmatched national network of value and technology. This, in combined with the type of ‘make it happen’ personal service that our partners deserve has enabled the PDA community to thrive for over a decade.

Our motto is National Reach, Hometown Strong – with deep roots in the local communities we know that our impact reaches far beyond our doors. PDA is uniquely positioned to help our customers achieve cost savings and best packaging practices across all of our facilities. A perfect example of PDA synchronicity is in the case of Golden West Packaging and PAC Strapping Products.


Golden West Packaging was looking for a strapping solutions company that would provide the type of service and attention that exists when you work with a premier packaging partner. As a PDA member, Golden West Packaging has the opportunity to send their executives to the annual PDA meetings. The PDA annual meetings are held to bring the community together to collaborate. This includes member and supplier meetings, where companies like Golden West Packaging have individual meetings with premier packaging suppliers to discover new opportunities across the supply chain.

It was at one of these meetings that Golden West packaging established a relationship with PAC Strapping to solver their strapping problems. Here’s what happened, from Barry Willis, Packaging Division Manager, Golden West Packaging:

I had the request that we have not been able to get in years for the Con Agra annual strapping bid for a division in California. It literally came in while at the Dove Mountain event and Ed Brownley lll asked me if we had any opportunities and I thought what the heck as our current vendor could never get us what we needed to get the bid (Pricing , delivery dates etc.).

I gave the opportunity to Ed and we won the bid. The first order was $17,000.00  2 months ago for railroad printed strap and we just got the order for $17,000,00  for the steel strap and we know we are getting another railroad printed strap order next month.

Wow, does PDA pay for itself? Absolutely .

We now are enjoying an opportunity for the corrugated and packing bid that all came from a PDA contact. I just need to remember to share other opportunities with the PDA suppliers regularly and not just at the event. You never know. Thanks Ed for you support and PDA for providing us the opportunity to meet such quality supplier partners.

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