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Finding the right packaging partner can be overwhelming. There are many different ways to manage your packaging solutions and outsourcing your packaging is often the best way to get the best outcomes and still save money. At the same time, it is critical to find the right packaging company to work with when you are ready to look to a full-service packaging provider. Here are the top concerns when it comes to packaging distribution for your company.

What questions should you ask

You will have a lot of questions to ask when you begin to work with a contract packer. New Hope network has aggregated the top questions that you should ask when contacting a contract packer:

  •  What do you currently manufacture? What equipment do you have that is available to a prospective client?
  •  Are you interested in my ideas/product? Can you make my product with your current machinery? If not, what machinery would you need?
  •  How do you price? What requirements need to be met to be considered?

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Type of Service

When you outsource your packaging it is important to understand the type of services that your packaging company offers and their ability to grow with you as your company grows:

Does the vendor have the ability to service your company now and also when your business starts to grow? It’s beneficial to choose vendors that have a demonstrated ability to grow with you and make an honest effort to understand your needs and the needs of your business. One way to determine this is to ask if the supplier works with larger organizations, also. This way, you can rest assured that they already have the capability to provide support for larger scale operations and that they will be ready to work with you over the long term. 

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Location is key

Having a packaging provider located in your neighborhood is critical. You need immediate access to the products and materials that your packaging provider offers for you.

Being headquartered in close proximity to where your packaging project will run may seem important, but it can often be more beneficial to select a location which is closer to your ingredients, raw product, end-customer or distribution center. To optimize shipping efficiency, be sure to account for the size of the end product you will be packaging. Most companies realize that the finished goods will cube out much greater than its individual components so be mindful of the less costly location based on total cube and shipping routes.

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Is a Contract Packer Right for You?

For many companies, outsourcing packaging is the best move to improve operations and grow business. But it is also important to ensure that partnering with a co-packer is the right solution for your offering.

Co-packing is a common option for businesses interested in breaking into specialty foods—or expanding with new products or certifications—without high upfront investment costs. When should you consider using a co-packer? Ask yourself if your company fits any of these scenarios: You are producing a product on a small scale and want to expand; You don’t want to invest in equipment or a facility of your own…

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