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Our Customer Focus

At PDA our customers are our number one priority. If we find a solution that benefits a customer but does not benefit us, we are committed to delivering that solution. Our own best interest is a lower priority as we know that we only succeed if our customers are fully satisfied. To us, a customer commitment means:

  • Diligently exploring all possibilities to find the best solution
  • Understanding all of the ins-and-outs of each of our customers
  • Valuing our customers as partners
  • Providing on-time and just-in-time service and product delivery
  • Adhering to our supplier code of conduct to ensure that the products we provide are safe and sustainable

Commitment Beyond Packaging

Our commitment beyond packaging means two things. First, when working with our customers, we explore outside of their packaging systems to gain a unique understanding of their processes and help to save cost long-term. Second, in our own business practices, we do more than provide a product. Our roots are in community, sustainability, ethics, safety, and people.

Local Meets National

With 62 owner-operated facilities, local ingenuity is our national advantage. Across the PDA Chain, custom packaging solutions are engineered from the ground-up. Our owner-operators combine to create an unmatched national network of value and technology – all wrapped in the type of ‘make-it-happen’ personal service the competition doesn’t care to provide.

Custom Packaging Solutions

PDA is your comprehensive source for industrial packaging supplies, equipment and service. Our specialty lies in combining a wide range of products with the most efficient and cost effective machinery and equipment. This attention to detail helps us ensure all of your packaging processes are supporting your best interest.

Partnership Mindset

You don’t need a distributor – you need a partner. We view our customers as partners in our holistic approach to packaging, unmatched service and support, and commitment to helping our partners grow their businesses. By dedicating ourselves as partners, we build life-long relationships that allow everyone to succeed.

Packaging Experts

Our packaging experts have earned their titles through decades of experience in the packaging world. By working with one of our packaging experts you will meet the highest quality in packaging that comes along with passion and pride in being part of the PDA community.

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Need Equipment Service?

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