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As History always remind us, design continues to evolve with the times. Packaging designs that would fly off the shelf even just a decade ago might not be relevant today. It’s important for brands to pay attention to what is important to their customers from an aesthetic perspective. Aesthetics go beyond the colors – they create emotions and tell stories. Digital printing has allowed us to get very creative and personal when it comes to design so consumers have become accustomed to that as well.

Some of the top trends that are influencing packaging design right now include:

  • Technology: as new technologies emerge we’re able to create more complex shapes, applications and designs with regard to packaging
  • Consumer evolution: as the primary purchasing demographic becomes more millennials and Gen Z, retailers have responded with designs and language that appeal to these groups
  • Sustainability: design doesn’t stop at the colors, it also involves the materials
  • Passion: consumers have never been more passionate about the causes they care about and the brands they are loyal to; communicating this in packaging designs is important

Here’s some of the most interesting packaging redesigns we’ve seen this year.

1. Karvan Cevitam

These bright cans are a premium tier non-alcoholic beverage from Karvan Cévitam. The idea was to create something that appeals to adults that are looking for alcohol alternatives that are still sophisticated, healthy, and taste good.

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2. Punchy Drinks

London-based Punchy Drinks has ditched plastics in a re-branding for its range of natural fruit punches. The company’s new cans, adorned with a paper label, are 100-per-cent plastic-free and recyclable. It is also donating 1 per cent of all profits to 1% For The Planet, a global movement to help the environment.

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3. Asda Easter Egg Packaging

Asda is introducing a new Easter egg range packaged in 98% less plastic as part of its ongoing sustainability commitment. The chocolate eggs inside the new ‘Extra Special Easter’ range are thinner and oval rather than the winder, rounder shape of typical eggs. This means it uses recycled cardboard rather than needing to be supported by plastic packaging.

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4. Suja

Beverage company Suja launched this line of cold pressed juices packaged in vibrant, modern packaging.
“Our updated packaging marries the bold colors of our old bottles with a sleek, easy-to-read label. We spent countless hours speaking with our fans directly to learn more about what they loved most about the brand, and are so proud to unveil our bold new design.”

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5. Skittles

“Mars Wrigley has launched Skittles Giants — a larger-than-life, softer-centered version of its much-loved original fruit candies — with brand and packaging identity by Straight Forward Design. Skittles’ first-ever ‘giant’ sub brand needed to strike the right balance between differentiation from the core brand and celebrating this new product.”

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