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Void-fill materials make it possible to ship vulnerable and fragile goods worldwide without damage, breaking and scratching. These products are especially important for the electronics industry. With such a range of options, what is the right solution when packaging consumer electronics to ensure protection and cost savings?


A leading manufacturer of consumer electronics had been using a table-top unit to create cushioning material at two replacement part facilities. The units convert fan-folded paper into crumpled void-fill. The company had been spending $850,000 per year on the void-fill materials and felt they were paying too much. That prompted them to investigate inflatable, air cushioning systems.

THE PDA WAY: The customer wanted a lower “in the box” cost:

  • Analysis of air pillow benefits (cost, weight, freight) showed them that this was the way to go.
  • We recommended this option because it is quicker and more efficient, improves airflow and work environment for employees, and improves sustainability.
  • The installation was also customized with a four foot transfer bin extender for each machine. That enables the packers to conveniently access the pillow pack and place it into the box without stretching or leaving the station.
  • The high performance low-density polyethylene air pillow film is made with up to 50% less resin than competitive inflatable void-fill products and is the overall safest option.


The total materials savings was 35-40% annually, and there was a significant freight reduction. The win was made possible because of a combination of equipment superiority (speed), material profile (less resin, biodegradable), and an improved working environment for employees.

The air pillow solution features: blazing speed (75 feet per minute), portable and compact, easy to operate, low maintenance (minimal parts means fewer repairs), versatility (various sizes), and flexibility (cushion fill pressure).

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