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Design trends in general are always changing. Packaging design is not immune to this phenomenon. In 2022 there are notable design trends that companies are turning to to increase revenue and stay relevant. Find out more below.

Some of the top trends that are influencing packaging design right now include:

  • Technology: as new technologies emerge we’re able to create more complex shapes, applications and designs with regard to packaging
  • Consumer evolution: as the primary purchasing demographic becomes more millennials and Gen Z, retailers have responded with designs and language that appeal to these groups
  • Sustainability: design doesn’t stop at the colors, it also involves the materials
  • Passion: consumers have never been more passionate about the causes they care about and the brands they are loyal to; communicating this in packaging designs is important

Here’s some of the most interesting packaging redesigns we’ve seen this year.

Interactive Packaging Elements

Modern technologies like QR Code Scanner are an emerging format in the upcoming packaging trends. QR Codes for smart packaging transforms customer interactions with your brand. It strengthens trust and upgrades brand perception outstandingly.

Apart from QR Code Scanner, the technologies like NFC (Near-Field Communication) and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) have also proved to be a substantial potential in the smart packaging industry.

Such technologies really help customers know more about the product without even unboxing the packaging. For example, by visualizing the color of a pizza box, you can determine whether it is hot or not. Similarly, when you place your smart phones near your products, it starts interacting with you. Therefore, interactivity is the key to new innovation and the future of packaging design trends.

Graphics and Illustrations

Illustrations are an essential element when it comes to packaging. It helps in rendering the visual concept of the design effectively. It strengthens both the imagery and extensive elements by boosting up the presentation of the products.

Localised illustrations always have a significant impact in attracting customers’ attention. Most buyers focus on products that create a straight connection between the quality of the packaging and the class of the product.

Such illustrations can be based on a particular region’s history, tribal arts, or even a storyline describing the product formation connecting with any artwork. Such illustrations always have the potentiality to become unique and stand out in the market.

Minimal Packaging

With the trend of nostalgic forms, minimal design appears to be a relief for the eyes. Keeping designs simple might be a safe approach. But, there are other different reasons to go for simplicity – and it’s only because minimalism plays it secure.

Reducing a product’s packaging design to its core is a dominant way to sharpen your brand accurately. If you wish to create an enduring, prominent impression on customers, the best method is to make your product speak for itself. Minimal packaging makes your product unique and shines in the market.

Protective Packaging

As a whole, the need for protective packaging has been on the upswing. As a result of many initiatives, e-commerce orders have skyrocketed in recent years. As a result, take-out dinners are more popular than ever. In addition, supermarket delivery services are on the rise. In general, more products are being sent. A third consideration for customers in packaging that protects their products from the outdoors and the risk of virus contamination. No matter if you’re selling subscription boxes or ordinary items at retail or online, this is a great design trend.

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