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Top PDA Blogs of 2018

Blogging is the number one way that we can share information about our products and services, as well as innovations in our industry, with those who need the information. By being a consortium with multiple viewpoints, we have the ability to share a variety of expert opinions and interesting articles. These are our top blogs of 2018.


Exploring Automation in the Packaging Industry

Transitioning to automated solutions in packaging has endless benefits for a company. From cost savings with labor to creating more sustainable options, companies have been able to make big strides in business optimization. Here’s what we’re learning about automation in packaging.

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Top 6 Tips for Digital Printing in Packaging

Many areas of packaging rely on digital printing. The capabilities of digital printing allow companies to have aesthetically pleasing and dynamic packaging. From higher quality graphics to product personalization, the possibilities are endless. These are our top 6 tips for digital printing in packaging.

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Top Books for Anyone in a Packaging Role

We’re joining Paper and Packaging with their 15 Pages A Day challenge, where they’re encouraging everyone to read at least 15 pages on paper every day. While our society is rushed to bring every part of our lives to technology, the research studies continually prove that reading regularly preserves memory, improves memory, and much more (Paper and Packaging). What’s worse is that a quarter of adults haven’t read a book in the last year, and that’s a growing number (Pew Research).

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AI and Packaging: What you need to know

Machine learning and artificial intelligence have infiltrated all areas of our lives. Every device we use has AI driving the programs, software, and applications that power our lives. AI allows Uber to predict rider demand and send you the closest driver. Your email application uses AI to sort out spam and categorize your emails. Teachers use programs that can detect plagiarism within seconds. And your bank uses AI to facilitate everything from fraud to deposits and more.

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Innovation in Edible Packaging

Whether for the sake of global warming, resources conservation, animal protection, or otherwise, it’s hard to find a person who is not onboard with contributing to more sustainable ways of living life. Companies around the globe are participating at many different levels. For more on the specific initiatives read Sustainability Initiatives: What are Companies Committing to? One way that packaging has contributed to long term conservation is through edible packaging.

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PDA Wins 2018 Telly Award

The PDA promotional campaign was judged by the Telly Awards  Judging Council and selected as a Bronze winner in the category Branded Content for a Promotional Campaign. Over 12,000 videos are entered and winners are hand-selected to be honored for excellence in television and video for all screens.

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What Sustainability Initiatives are Companies Committing To

Almost every day a new company comes out with a promise to implement specific changes to enhance their sustainability commitment over the coming years. Some companies even aim to be 100% waste free in the next 10 years. What exactly are these companies committing to?

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Packaging Stories: The Cereal Box

Some still carry the original intention of a healthy breakfast that aids digestion, while most are considered sugary snacks. One element most of these cereals have in common: the box.

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