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Sustainability at PDA

At PDA it’s important to us to play our part in protecting the planet. We help our customers source sustainable solutions; we partner with suppliers that are conscious of green solutions; our digital media has a goal to share information about sustainability in packaging; and our general vision continues to uphold sustainability as a crucial piece of the present and what’s to come. Here’s a glance at how we’re sustainable.

Solutions & Innovations

Eco Mailer – Ecommerce, which was already increasing at a rapid rate, is expected to grow by about 19 percent this year alone, fueled, in part, by the pandemic. And along with that growth comes the waste that can go hand-in-hand with some packaging options. Packaging Distributors of America (PDA) – the country’s largest packaging industry member organization – is stepping up its commitment to sustainability as a result and has introduced the innovative EcoMailer™ to its membership.

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Over the years: Status Updates

January 2021 – One thing that hasn’t changed in 2021 is the global awareness that environmental sustainability is important and that we all need to do our part to keep our planet green. The packaging industry has a higher level of responsibility due to the amount of materials and supplies that are a product of the industry. It’s clear that packaging companies are necessary – in fact, they were deemed essential businesses during Covid-19 shut downs. And it’s also clear that we need packaging supplies to make our world go ’round.

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June 2020 – People are more interested in packaging sustainability today than they ever have been before. We’re seeing new types of materials, processes, and protocols when it comes to packaging in response to this particular world-wide focus. Everyone is impacted by the environment and its health, which is something that is at the height of our awareness today.

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October 2019 – Every month we have an opportunity to share more insights about new products and innovations in sustainability because it is continuing to be the most popular topic in packaging. Customers love sustainable products and want to know where their products are coming from. People are more interested than ever in their own individual footprint on the world and our ecosystem. And companies are responding to this by continuing to innovate and commit to sustainable options.

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The PDA Way

As a company that relies on the products of nature, we appreciate what we receive from our environment and are proud to not only take care of the environment today, but to thoughtfully explore methods that will ensure our future generations have an environment to take care of. We employ experts who ensure that we continually improve our products and processes in ways that allow us to recycle responsibly, use natural resources efficiently, reduce emissions, and keep our people, community, and environment safe.

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Pioneer Packaging Thermal Cooler – For decades, expanded polystyrene (EPS) coolers have been the most commonly used insulated packaging in the food and pharmaceutical industries. However, the challenge with this type of packaging is how notoriously difficult they are to recycle. That is why we constructed a thermal cooler that is not only highly insulative, but it promotes sustainable responsibility.

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Packaging Damage in Transit? Here’s what to do – Your customer service department’s least favorite call: “Hello, I ordered your XYZ. It just arrived in a box and when I opened it up the product was broken, damaged, and unusable. I want a replacement and my money back!” Unfortunately, when that happens, it means you have a bigger problem on your hands. If this customer has a damaged product, you have to fix that one problem, but you also have to pinpoint the bigger issue at hand.

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Welcome Supplier AirWave – PDA is always looking for ways to bring the most sustainable packaging options to our customers. We’re happy to welcome AirWave as a preferred packaging supplier for our PDA distributors and customers. AirWave’s motto is Packaging you can be proud of and we can’t wait to share their solutions with our network. Learn more about why AirWave joined PDA.

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How it Works: Recycling – Have you ever wondered what happens to the paper, glass, and other recyclables that you toss in your blue recycling box? Many of the products we use every day come from recycled materials. Did you know that plastic beverage bottles are recycled into ski jacket insulation?

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Ways to plant trees for boxes – In the United States we use over 100 billion boxes per year. One tree can produce approximately 151 boxes. Under this assumption, we need at least 660 million trees just to produce the boxes that we require in the United States per year.

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Case Studies

Void Fill With Low Maintenance Materials – Void-fill materials make it possible to ship vulnerable and fragile goods worldwide without damage, breaking and scratching. These products are especially important for the electronics industry. With such a range of options, what is the right solution when packaging consumer electronics to ensure protection and cost savings?

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